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A Changi Recommends Story

Earlier today, in my haste to catch my flight today, I forgot to pick up a couple of items that I had purchased from Changi Recommends, I  only realised after I’d cleared departure immigration.

Now,  Singapore does not mess around when it comes to rules. (This is one of the things that appeals to me so much about Singapore). They’re also very helpful when you own up to an honest mistake.

Incidents where passengers clear immigration and come out only to clear it again will draw the wrong kind of attention, unless you have a very valid reason to do so. (Not too long ago, a couple of folks made the news for trying to circumvent the system to buy duty-free iPhones from the airport).

I approached the immigration duty officer who directed me to the information staff opposite the immigration gates, who were very helpful and got these items delivered to me in person while I waited. It helped that I had a few hours in hand before the departure of my flight.

This is yet another example of why this is hands down, the best airport in the world. Also a big thank you to Eric and his team at the information desk for helping me get these delivered, so that I can focus on enjoying my trip.

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