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Automatic for the people – the DBS Customer Experience

I had the most amazing customer experience with DBS at the end of the week.

I have a credit card with them, and at the end of the promotional first year, I had been charged an annual fee. I called their help line to speak to a customer service representative to help me with waiving the charge. As I worked through the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) tree, I was directed to an option to press a number to apply for an annual fee waiver. I expected to speak to a human. What happened pleasantly surprised me. In about 5 seconds, I received a confirmation that my fee waiver had been successful and that I would see a credit on my next bill!

I also had to deal with a late fee (I had missed the payment deadline on a previous payment by a day as I had been travelling). Once again, I was directed via the IVR to the option to request a late payment fee waiver; and once again, with a single push of a button and about 5 seconds of wait time, my request had been approved and actioned!

There are some things that they are so efficient with in Singapore, that it puts the rest of the world to shame! And DBS has been an amazing bank to deal with!

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