Dia De Muertos at the National Museum

We spent some time at the National Museum of Singapore yesterday. There’s an exhibit running commemorating Dia de Muertos, the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead festival. It’s a single room that has been decorated with an elaborate display. It’s a holiday celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November in Mexico. It’s …

The Spiral Staircase

I had heard about this place for a long time. Yesterday, I finally managed to visit it. Its location is not very well documented on any Internet site. This is the spiral staircase at Fort Canning. One can easily access it from the Fort Canning Park Tree tunnel that runs from the Dhoby Ghaut bus …

Glass in Bloom

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is currently hosting one of the best exhibits that I have been to in recent memory. “Glass in Bloom” is an exhibit of glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. The first time that I saw a Chihuly Sculpture was at the Peter Kiewitt Institute at University of Nebraska Omaha. It was …

Changi’s Jurassic Mile

Earlier today, I did a 28km bike ride that took me to the Changi Jurassic Mile. This art installation was launched in late 2020 with a series of dinosaur sculptures set along the Park Connector that runs along the side of Changi Airport. There are several ways to get there. One can take the train, …

Guardian of the Chilli Plant

It looks like my Chilli Plant has it’s own little guardian! One of my previous chilli plants had a bad case of mealy bugs. I am hoping that the presence of this diminutive dragon’s cousin will keep parasites and bugs away, and help keep my plants healthy!

War Memorial Park

Singapore’s War Memorial Park is situated in central Singapore, a stone’s throw from the CBD. In spite of having driven past it several times over the past 5 years, I only got to walk around it this weekend.


Esplanade regularly has new exhibits. Right now, they have this very elaborate loom exhibit with a nautical theme called “Diver-city” complete with a school of fish, several octopi, whales, lobsters and coral reefs. The artist, Mulyana, is from Yogyakarta in Indonesia, and is known for his textiles installations and crocheted works.