Serendipitous Storm-front

I got lucky this evening as a storm front passed by. This was approximately a 5 minute exposure using my iPhone XS on the moment app. Sometimes it’s a matter of being at the right time, and the right place with the right set of conditions!

Murals of Telok Ayer

Pleasantly enough, Singapore has its fair share of murals that are impeccably maintained. This one is in Telok Ayer, and is a very long one along the wall behind the Thian Hock Temple. It shows Singapore’s progressive development over the ages. Its sheer width makes it very difficult to capture in a single frame to …

Triple Strike

Just another winter afternoon storm here in Singapore. This was shot using an iPhone XS and the Moment app on my windowsill and then post processed on my mobile phone. It’s a five minute exposure. These storms have been quite regular off late here in Singapore.

Sunset after a storm

It’s been reading a lot off late here in Singapore. It’s not uncommon for it to become so dark during the middle of the day that one needs to turn on the lights. However, once the storm passes, it usually makes for perfect conditions for a lovely sunset. This was shot from my apartment’s balcony …

Bali Memories

This time last year…  Given the situation with COVID-19, travel will have to wait. This is a distant memory from last year in Ubud. It’s one of the many resorts among the paddy fields where one goes to switch off from everything. Shot with the drone, which I eventually crashed… twice!

Kallang Airport

Would you believe that this used to be Singapore airport? This is Kallang airport. It is right in the centre of Singapore and Annetts hey D, used to surf all of Singapore’s civil air-traffic. It is now a derelict building, and somewhat of a curiosity the passers-by here in Singapore.

HSBC Tree Top Walk

One of the coolest walks that I’ve taken here in Singapore. The HSBC tree top walk is part of a decent hike in the MacRitchie area that will take one up hill for a while, but it’s totally worth it. It connects Bukit Peirce & Bukit Kalang. This was shot much in March 2020.