Daytime Thunderstorm

I’ve seen so many storms pass through Singapore and they never cease to amaze me. This was an afternoon storm that struck Singapore around 4pm on the 8th of May 2021. I shot this at 240fps using an iPhone 11 Pro and a Moment Fisheye lens using FiLMiC Pro, and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Guardian of the Chilli Plant

It looks like my Chilli Plant has it’s own little guardian! One of my previous chilli plants had a bad case of mealy bugs. I am hoping that the presence of this diminutive dragon’s cousin will keep parasites and bugs away, and help keep my plants healthy!

Last bike ride of 2020 (perhaps…)

This is likely going to be my last Nike ride for 2020. Today’s bike ride took me to the recently opened Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP) which has a lovely rooftop garden that one can walk around and hang out. The rooftop gardens are surrounded by a series of cascades with laminar flow creating …