Last bike ride of 2020 (perhaps…)

This is likely going to be my last Nike ride for 2020. Today’s bike ride took me to the recently opened Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP) which has a lovely rooftop garden that one can walk around and hang out. The rooftop gardens are surrounded by a series of cascades with laminar flow creating …

Christmas Dinner and calling time on 2020

2020 has been a difficult year, with COVID-19 impacting almost everyone around the world. At the end of the year, I am grateful to be able to share a lovely Christmas dinner with the people who are important. Here’s wishing the 2021 is better for all of us. Have a safe holiday!

Caffeine Tessaract

Nespresso had one of these new boxes for sale that was too cool to pass up. I had to replace my previous box that was broken anyway. I think it looks pretty cool with all the multicoloured capsules inside!

New Herb Garden

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time searching for some appropriate plants for a herb garden for home. I came back home with this collection of plants… a chilli plant, a mint plant, a curry leaf plant, and two coriander plants. I used these regularly in my cooking. I’ve been a little frustrated in the …

Rag Tag Fleet

Another one from the weekend from West Coast Park. I launched off the square over these boats that were moored by the banks. There’s something in their randomness that lends to the aesthetics. I need to get up higher next time round and will probably head over there early one morning when it hasn’t rained.