Bali Memories

This time last year…  Given the situation with COVID-19, travel will have to wait. This is a distant memory from last year in Ubud. It’s one of the many resorts among the paddy fields where one goes to switch off from everything. Shot with the drone, which I eventually crashed… twice!

The Holiday Inn Resort, Batam

I’d been coveting this image since I arrived here. Earlier this afternoon, after a morning of thundershowers, the overcast environment provided the perfect light capture this image of the pool surrounded by the rest of the buildings housing the rooms of this resort.


This was shot earlier today using my DJI Mavic Pro. This is the tennis court at the Holiday Inn Resort in Batam. I haven’t flown the drone since November 2017 as a result of either not finding enough time, or not finding a location in Singapore where I could fly legally (I hear that the …

A weekend in Borobudur

I’ll start out by saying that this this trip is something that I did on a whim, rather than something that I had planned over a long period of time. Having moved to Asia in March 2016, I realised that I now had the opportunity to visit the region with a lot smaller investment in time than it would require when travelling from Melbourne. Borobudur appealed to me as a destination that would allow me to take some photographs, and get away from the urban life of Singapore.

Forces of Nature

Flying out of Yogyakarta, my flight flew threw a series of very large storm clouds. I was perhaps fortuitous that it was the blue hour and these clouds were generating lightning. I caught this shot with my iPhone 6S Plus while looking out of the port side window. Lightning always looks cool, but even more …