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Making custom foam inserts for a camera drawer


You’ve seen it in the movies… the assassin opens a case or pulls out his drawer, and the weapons are all neatly arranged in a form fitted foam. Everything has been built to fit snugly, with the instruments being lovingly cared for.

I’ve wanted something like this for my camera gear for ages. It’s mostly been about storing my gear safely, and efficiently. Till very recently, my gear had been sitting somewhat haphazardly on a series of shelves in a cupboard. They were difficult to reach, and somewhat cluttered. I always found it a bit of a chore to reach in and pull out exactly what I was looking for without knocking something else over.

I decided to build my own. I’ve got a set of a chest of draws from Ikea (the Alex) on either side of my desk, that I’d ideally like to use for storing my camera gear.

I purchased some 2″ thick high density foam from Lazada, and cut it to size in blocks.

I the arranged my camera gear on the foam, and traced out the outline of each item that I had a place for before using a kitchen knife to cut the foam.

The results have been very pleasing!

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