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Nerd culture in Singapore

I can fit into this place! Singapore definitely has a nerd culture, and is proud of it! It is not entirely surprising. The Lion City has gone through a series of phases of reinvention over the last few decades. In the absence of any natural resources, it had become a service-based economy. It is now going through a transformation of becoming a knowledge based economy.

Singaporeans place a high value on education. It is hence quite normal that a nerd culture is alive and well in this city. I have barely scratched the surface, but among the things that I have discovered are

  • a decent number of table-gaming establishments (like Dungeons and Dragons and the more elaborate games),
  • a high popularity of video games and computer stores aimed specifically at gamers,
  • shops dedicated to a range of different genres of comics,
  • stores with all sorts of memorabilia from your favourite sci-fi and superhero comic movies and TV shows,
  • and LAN parties hosted in a big way with cosplayers to boot!

If you’re into this sort of thing, this city will definitely not disappoint. And on a day when you’re feeling like building the ultimate PC, the sheer selection of establishments that will offer you parts will leave you spoiled for choice! Nerds are definitely well represented here!

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