Studio Recording: “Lost and Found” by Train (Piano Cover)

Once in a while, a song comes along and sticks in your head because you’ve made a connection with it. This is one of those songs.

I first heard this song on a Malaysian Airlines flight to Siem Reap. The lyrics are what got to me. “Here’s to the time we have; Here’s to the lines we crossed; Here’s to the ones we’re waiting on, and the ones we lost; Here’s to the time we have; Thank God for what we got; Here’s to the ones we’re waiting on, and the ones we lost.”

A few months earlier, we had celebrated my dad’s 80th birthday. At the end of the evening, we sat around talking about his memories over the past 80 years, and how he saw the world changing. He mostly spoke of people – friends, family and acquaintances – who had come and gone in life. This reminded me of the temporary nature of human relationships – and why it is so important to make the most of the present.

Earlier today, I finally got around to recording it at home! Enjoy!

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