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The Haze

I had heard about it. I had read about it. I had never really seen or experienced it myself. One of the reasons that I chose to move to Singapore as a destination in Asia was because it offered a generally clean and unpolluted atmosphere. Every year, that changes for a few weeks when there are crop fields set ablaze in Indonesia.

When that happens, and the wind happens to be blowing in the right direction, it makes for a particularly unpleasant time. The South-East Asian Haze affects several countries in this region, causing their skies to turn from blue, into a dull grey. If you think it looks bad, it smells even worse. The air is filled with the smell of burning fields, and there really isn’t much that you can do about it.

The Singapore government advises its residents to minimise the time spent outdoors, and wear masks while going outside. This is the time of year when it makes sense to have an air purifier in the house.

Haze season has only just started… I’ve experienced three days of continuous haze before it cleared up. It will be an interesting few weeks as the season continues.

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