Expat Living, Life in Singapore

Scenes from the Singapore MRT

Coming from Melbourne and living in the inner city, I’ve never really used the train system. I lived in the free tram zone and got around easily on trams whenever I commuted, or drove whenever it was a little farther off. Life in Singapore is a bit different. For a start, a vehicle is ridiculously …

Expat Living, Life in Singapore

Arriving in Singapore: First impressions

I’m here! Courtesy of an 8-hour flight on Qantas Airlines QF35, I have touched down in my new home (at least for the next couple of years). It’s different from being a tourist. I now have to familiarise myself with things like medical clinics, post offices, banks, and grocery stores. I also have to set …

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The process of moving

Whoo hoo! An overseas assignment! Yup! That is the initial reaction. But after the euphoria has settled down, reality begins to set in. This is the stage when one gets to take stock of what an international relocation involves. In 2016, when this relocation to Singapore came around, I was facing my sixth International relocation. …

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Family trip to India and Singapore

I was in India earlier this month, visiting mum and dad. Every year, we take a family vacation. This year, after making the rounds of Jaipur, New Delhi, and Agra, we spent some time with my extended family in Guwahati, before heading over to Singapore. Here’s a short video of our family trip.

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Social Media and Me – the love hate relationship

I’ll start off by saying that I was very late when entering social media. It wasn’t until 2010 (April 9th to be precise – I looked it up!) that I joined Facebook. I had resisted the urge to have a social media presence till then. My logic was quite simple about this… I didn’t feel …

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Singapore in Time-Lapse

It was the Southern Spring of 2013. After several months of being completely focused at my day job, I took a vacation with my family. It has been two years since we had had the chance of spending some meaningful time together, and I felt that it was overdue for us to take a time-out …