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Licensed to Drive!

I finally converted my Australian Drivers License to a Singaporean Drivers License. The process is fairly easy when you have a valid license from specific countries (Australia is one of those countries).

This is a two-process.

The first step is to pass the Basic Theory Test. This is a computer based test of 50 multiple choice questions that is held at Singapore’s driving centres. The passing score is 45 correct answers. You actually do need to study for this test. Unlike other nations, you can’t just walk in to a testing centre for a test, and need to book ahead with one of the designated testing centres. The earliest appointment that I could get was 8 weeks away.

I signed up for a training course and the basic theory test at the ComfortDelgro driving center at Ubi. This set me back SGD 37.53 which included the SGD 6.50 fee for the test. The course included 2 sessions of 5 practice tests which I highly recommend. They will give you a good sense of the questions that are asked during the test.

I also downloaded the Basic Theory of Driving handbook from the Singapore Police Website. This is the textbook for the test. You can purchase a printed copy of this, if you prefer.

After preparing for the test, I showed up at the test centre, and took and cleared the test.

Once you’ve cleared the test, you’re ready to go through the second step which is to get your license issued. This is done at the Traffic Police Headquarters at Ubi, which is a short 10-minute walk from the testing centre.

The test scores are automatically transmitted from the testing centre to the traffic police headquarters.

You will need your existing foreign drivers license, your driving record (for holders of an Australian Drivers License issued from Victoria, you can order this from VicRoads), your passport, your work permit, and a passport sized photo.

There’s a small fee involved (SGD 50 when I applied for my license).

You’ll leave the premises with a receipt and a temporary license that will permit you to drive. Your license will be sent to you in the mail in the next 10 days or so.

That’s really how easy it is to get your drivers license converted in Singapore.

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